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As an American citizen, how do you address your heritage? Which definition best fits you as the person God made you. This is not a trick question, it is a very serious one and lies at the base of America’s problems. How is this, can part of the answer be that simple? This is an answer, which only you can find inside of yourself. Who are you? What is your purpose? Why did God put you here?

Are you the first definition is your heritage one of birth an American Citizen? Did you become an American citizen after arriving from a foreign country? Did your family come from a foreign country or poverty to America for a better life? Are you proud to be in America? Do you have the courage and is it your desire to become an American citizen.

Are you the second definition the only member of your family who is an American citizen?

Alternatively, maybe you are the third a foreign national who has decided that America is the country that you want to call home. Willing to give up your primary citizenship from the country where you were born. Could be that you have the blessing of inheritance from a member of your family gave up their primary citizenship to become American citizens. You are an American by inheritance.

Anyway you look at it a person’s heritage is important and to be honest the cultural heritage of your family Italian, Polish, Welch, German, English or any other culture is important. However, a person’s American heritage is the building block for the foundation of our strong nation. A person’s cultural heritage in America is what gives our country its wonderful flavor.

In America today one of our biggest problems is a loss of our American heritage. Not a loss of cultural heritage, in fact America has a very full and rich culture. Both county and culture have importance in a person’s life. Ask yourself this question. Consider the choice to create a solid foundation for the future generations of your family. Do you consider your culture or your country the best building block to use? United we stand and divided we fall that choice is yours to make.

Find the complete definition of heritage at www.dictionary.com.


Written by americanvoice1

June 19, 2008 at 9:13 PM

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