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In the preamble to our Constitution our Government is to promote the general welfare. This does not mean to create a welfare nation. What does it mean to promote? Our Government is to encourage citizens to flourish, to have dignity and better themselves where they live and work in America. Our Government is to insure a proper education for all citizens of this country. Government has a responsibility to maintain the proper infrastructure so that America can be a prosperous and competitive nation in the world.

Government is required to do this in a non restrictive general fashion, for all legal citizens of the United States of America. Promoting what is common to most in main stream America without regard to a citizen’s race or ethnic back round. Government is to aid in the organization of our nation’s infrastructure in such a way as to be non-specific or definite. Rather to provide ideas regarding products and services allowing American citizens to be competitive in the worlds economy.

Government is required by our Constitution to generally promote, with less Government, the welfare of the citizens of America. A citizen of our nation, when Government acts responsibly, can look forward to good fortune, health, happiness, and prosperity. Our elected representatives have a physical and moral responsibility for the welfare of our nation.

Our Constitution provides the frame work and the foundation for a moral, healthy, happy and prosperous society. A society where citizens have more control of their lives and the Government has less control. A Government designed for the people, by the people and of the people.

The choice is yours to make … United we stand and divided we fall


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August 6, 2008 at 9:23 PM

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