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Domestic Tranquility

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In the preamble to our constitution, our elected officials are to insure domestic tranquility. What does this really mean? There is no one who can guarantee against loss or harm or damage or death. Our elected officials are not an individual’s guarantee of success. There is no question our elected officials are not our insurance policy. So what do they actually insure? They are supposed to insure domestic tranquility.

The word domestic indicates home our elected officials are charged with insuring our nation has its affairs in order. Therefore, what is the guideline? The guideline is our constitution. It is the rule of law under which the management of America properly functions. The result of taking America down an alternative path provides our current situation and dilemma. American is anything but tranquil peace, serenity and calmness are fleeting in our nation. Why, in order to have domestic tranquility in America there must be tranquility in the American home.

America is like the poor little lamb that has lost its way… In the past forty years, we have focused so much on individual freedoms as a nation we have forgotten just as freedom is not free, neither is domestic tranquility. Rather than doing for ourselves, working through the good and bad situations then facing the consequences of both. We have asked the politicians to provide rather than insure our domestic tranquility. The request to provide rather than insure is the cause for the loss of many of our freedoms.

Growing up as an only child in the sixties was not an easy thing to do. There were homes lost to foreclosure, lost jobs, divorces in addition to a variety of the negative happened all was not wine and roses. However, there was domestic tranquility in the freedom of choice that existed. The American Dream if you fall down you get up and try again (without political assistance) and when you find success, the success was yours to keep. A persons word was there bond, when not kept the individual was considered untrustworthy and their personal integrity was questioned. Not all things were perfect by far but individuals were considerably more responsible and raised their children that way.

The point here is domestic tranquility starts in the individual home not at the national level. Indeed, if you live in a home where tranquility does not exist you the individual need to examine what the problem is and fix it. If the problem is financial the answer is not necessarily more but the proper use of , your children having more is not necessarily better, your relationship with your spouse work your problems as a team, your job, what ever pick a problem area only you know what it is and only you know truly how to fix your problem. The problem is yours to fix, the politicians do not have the answers they throw good money after bad in an effort to appease the masses.

America is on the verge of becoming a socialist country because we as American citizens are failing in our responsibility to our nation, the responsibility of insuring our own domestic tranquility. We should be asking our elected officials to do their jobs and take responsible as outlined in our constitution.

United we stand and divided we fall the choice is yours make…


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August 23, 2008 at 6:14 PM

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