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A Reply to Patrick Sperry

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Mr. Sperry,

The term limit issue is one, which may never have an answer. That being said this writer believes that it is inappropriate to change our constitution related to presidential term limits. Imposing term limits on senators and congressional representatives may also be a good idea. With the application of consecutive term limits comes a limit of power. This writer is not suggesting that any individual who chooses to run for office may not do so after a one term or two-term break. Then if the people choose to reelect an individual there is no, problem.

We are in total agreement that less governmental restriction builds a stronger Constitutional Republic. One of the issues, which brought “Things the Politicians don’t tell you” to the blog, is the current state of events. The policies and goals of this newly elected administration should be of concern to all who believe in our Constitutional Republic.




Written by americanvoice1

January 30, 2009 at 11:31 PM

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