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Gnomestrath wrote to me and stated the following regarding his blog:

This item did not say there is a choice it must be genetic. What it says is there may be evidence that there is a genetic component to attitudes and behvioural characteristics and that can create moral dilemas. Your site appears to discuss the relationship between Church and State. Frankly as a British Liberal athiest it is of little interest to me other than enjoying a little provocation from time to time

I replied,

With respect, contrary to scientific opinion to be conservative or liberal… homosexual or not… alcoholic, drug addict or not; or for many of the other thing which are now classified “genetic” are not “genetic” they are in fact a matter of free will choice. It is quite true behavioral characteristics at times can cause moral dilemmas and can usually be attributed to a physical disability. I would disagree with you and say person’s attitude is a taught behavior. Moral dilemmas derive from conflict between hot behaviors. To simplify the point mother A tells her son blue is the only correct color. Mother B tells her son that red is the only correct color. Son A meets son B at school. The sons argued over which color is the only correct color. Both behaviors are wrong because the color does not matter; the behavior was taught and the color did not matter at all, simply a matter of choice and preference.

I am glad to see that you visited my blog. Thank you for doing so. It is true that I am a Christian; however, blogs are not necessarily about church and state as much as they are about America’s Christian heritage and the need to return to our constitution. They are observations as to the moral dilemmas seen here in America by one person. All are welcome to participate in the process. I am curious to know what part of England you are from, my wife and I spent three years there at RAF Lakenheath. It would also be interesting to know how you came to be an atheist; you see the brother in law use to claim atheism.




Written by americanvoice1

February 14, 2009 at 12:19 PM

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