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With respect I am not deluded… Democratic Socialism yes my wife and I lived in the United Kingdom for three years hence the last paragraph of my post. As for President Clinton, he and those others elected during his time as President did little to maintain a shrinking debt.

As for the new guy, President Obama, fixing the problem… The concept of good money after bad comes to mind. Much of the stimulus is in effect going to make government programs larger and more controlling than they are now. Government control is a form of socialism.

Generally speaking considering a conservative or liberal point of view Conservatives have compassion for those who are less fortunate and work on developing local programs rather than federal to address the needs of those involved. Currently President Obama is developing federal programs to deal with various situations.

Health care in America is a huge issue however socialized health care is not the answer. Affordability is the true issue this can be corrected with out creating a massive healthcare system managed by the government. Eliminating waste and dismantling monopolies would be a great place to start. Reading the GAO report  the situation becomes clear:


 Thirty of the 40 states supplying information identified a Blue Cross and Blue

Shield (BCBS) carrier as the largest carrier offering health insurance in the small

group market, and in all but 1 of the remaining 10 states, a BCBS carrier was

among the five largest carriers.


The median market share of all the BCBS carriers in the 34 states supplying

information was about 44 percent, with a range from about 6 percent in

Wisconsin to about 93 percent in North Dakota; in 13 of these states BCBS

carriers combined for half or more of the market.” 


With this level of control you effectively control the market. Correcting the situation requires making health care affordable to all not creating a social system of medical care.


Lastly you are correct there is a large amount of greed in the world today. Your vulgarity is not required to explain it and has been removed from tour reply. Capitalism does work when properly administered requiring a moral and proper use of the success provided by the same.





Written by americanvoice1

February 20, 2009 at 12:54 PM

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