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Reply to Mr. Tatum on Faith of our Fathers

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Mr. Tatum,
Thank you for your input regarding faith of our fathers (John Adams) it is appreciated that John Adams made a personal choice be a Unitarian as Mr. Rowe has so kindly provided that information. The point of discussion is not whether he chose a Unitarian as an adult. There is no question that at one point in Mr. Adams life that the omnipresent God of the Bible was working in his life. Puritanism and Orthodox Christianity were at one time or another both contributing factors in Mr. Adams life.

Here is an example Michael Servetus the Spanish religious philosopher 1511-1533 often called the first Unitarian studied under a Franciscan in1525 and developed an avid interest in the Holy Bible. It was not until Servetus saw the coronation pomp of Pope Charles that he became alienated. Servetus also encountered Protestantism and eventually published a book in 1531 that separated him philosophically from the reforming movements. Here again we see an individual who has made a choice. The question here is not whether the omnipresent God of the Holy Bible was ever in Mr. Servetus life obviously god was there. Mr. Servetus faith faltered due to the actions of a man not God. Mr. Servetus had the god given ability to choose to follow Him or to choose not to follow Him. Each of the choices, provide a separate road and the outcome of the journey eternally different.

The question is not that as an adult Mr. Adams chose the Unitarian live. This brings to mind questions what did John Adams believe. Was he a Christian who fell into disbelief? Was he a lifelong Unitarian? Alternatively, was Mr. Adams at a crisis of belief in which, at a particular point of his life, his personal faith faltered and he was just plain unsure what he believed. The truth is we will never know. Why can we not know? Because none of us knows his heart, we were not there at the time and it is physically impossible to ask him.
Please understand Mr. Adams choice was a matter of the free will that the Lord God of the Bible provides for each one of us. We have God give ability to choose to follow Him or to choose not to follow Him. The personal choice made and the outcome being eternally different. Thank God, we live in America where we are free to discuss openly issues that affect our daily lives. The choice is ours to make. United we stand and divided we fall.


Written by americanvoice1

July 26, 2008 at 4:48 AM

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